Stylish Mobile & Laptop Covers

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Nowadays owning a cell phone is akin to being able to breathe. In other words, if you can afford to purchase a Smart Phone you better hope that it is worth flashing around. Of course, not everyone might be in the loop. This is why most people opt for mobile skins that make their devices stand out.
The same goes for laptop covers. There is nothing like the joy of finding a laptop that has the specifics and configuration that you are looking for and is easy on your budget. However, the manufacturers might have skimped on the look of the portable device in order to make up for the costs of filling it with the best technical aspects at a budget friendly price.

Mobile Cover
So what do you do? Do you keep your laptop facing the window so no one can see the drab grey color on its lid? No. You invest in beautiful laptop covers that make your device look as glamorous as a laptop that goes for double its price.

Types of Mobile Skins

Fortunately there are a lot of mobile skins available for the skin junkie. The type of mobile covers and cases you want also depends on the brand of the cell phone you own. For example, a mobile case for an iPhone 4 would differ in themes and shape than a mobile case for a Blackberry phone. The reason why is apparent. Both of them are shaped differently. Some of the many Smart Phone covers come in the following types

Mobile Skin

These are made of thin plastic. A cell phone’s skin can be fixed on its casing. It is very similar to a face plate that not only allows you to personalize your cell phone but give it an added layer of protection as well. Skins are also designed for easy removal.

Face Plates

Speaking of face plates, these particular types of casings allow a more customized approach to cell phone cover designs. These also come in a variety of designs and colors.

Types of Laptop Covers

Laptop covers and cases usually come in the following types

Girl Using LaptopDecorated Skins

As the name implies these are laptop skins that have decorations on them to give a device a more beatific and personalized look. An owner might not know the meaning of a design but selects it anyway because it appeals to his/her sensitive side. In fact, the owner might feel that it would strike a chord with other likeminded individuals as well. If it doesn’t a decorated laptop would still make it possible for an owner to make a personal statement.

Plain Skins

If you do not want your device to stand out too much, especially if it is the expensive kind, but would like to protect it anyway a laptop skin with plain colors would suffice. Plain colored skins still make a device look different than it is but not too extreme.

SkinitAs discussed cell phone covers are designed with the brand of a cell phone in mind. This is also why they are popular purchasable items on the internet. Take the website Skinit for example which boasts of being an industry leader in consumer personalization for electronic devices. The website also allows users to create their own custom skins and specializes in providing eye catching cases and covers for the iPhone and iPad. Its online design tools allow consumers to create their own personalized skin designs in real time.

iSkiniSkin is also an  online retailer for custom skins or sleeves for the latest iPhones, Blackberry phones, Samsung phones as well as popular laptop brands like the MacBook. The website boasts of being an industry specialist in helping consumers protect their most vital personal assets.
The Canadian company was fueled by the need to create fashion forward protection for mobile devices before it ventured to covers for other types of portable technology.