The All New Intuitive Padfone 2

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

People are still addicted to their desktop PCs, but not due to a lack of choices! The last decade or so, we have been presented a wide array of options, each one smaller and faster than its predecessor. From Notebooks and Laptops to Tablets and Smart phones, the last few years have seen a drop in the Desktop PC market. The newer machines are able to do every task that the desktops were useful for, and that too on the go! No longer is there a need for cable connections, large space-eating monsters for monitors, separate keyboards, CPUs and external speakers and modems.

Business Work
Today, the multitude of devices available is good for everything from watching movies to creating quick presentations (admittedly, these aren’t so great for looking at excel sheets). PCs too have gone through a radical transformation and offer more computing power than ever. However, still, for any person who needs to perform somewhat decent tasks in their devices i.e. work, gaming, design, and those who want to use a portable device as their main computer unit PCs are no longer the right solution.
But the problem is that not everyone can afford to keep separate tablets, smart phones and laptops to satisfy all their work and entertainment needs. Not only is it expensive to buy these but cellular contracts upkeep can also cost plenty of money. Besides these devices get redundant on a yearly basis, so keeping up with the latest technology and software updates would be tedious task in itself.

Many Smartphone users leave their laptops and PCs at the office and use their phones to conduct the daily business. These are small enough to be carried around discreetly and yet powerful enough to satisfy all the needs for mobile computing and communications.
As you might guess, size is both an advantage and challenge when it comes to smart communication devices. So why not have both?

The Asus Padfone2 is one powerful device. It is an original Asus concept that combines the power the computing power of a smart phone with a tablet. Essentially you get two separate devices in one price. The tablet is basically a dummy device with a slot for the phone to fit into. The tablet does have an extra battery built in to power it, but it takes advantage of the computing power, memory and processor in the smart phone.
The phone sits in the slot beautifully and you feel a sling buzz as it snaps into the place. The rubber stopper keeps the phone from falling off as you enjoy the tablet for surfing the internet using the phones GPRS or Wi-Fi. The metal plugs at the bottom of the dock are the connection between the phone and the tablet. So the Padfone is essentially a smart phone with an option of a tablet-sized screen.

Girls Smiling
The phone itself is a great deal more attractive than its earlier models, measuring in at a very sleek 9mm at its thickest point and thinning to just 3mm at the tip. Also, the whole thing is unbelievably light. The phone and or the Padfone station, weigh in at 649g together. So both these devices are lighter than one iPad 3.

Padfone is fast becoming a viable option for those looking to invest in a smart phone. Although it is yet to be launched internationally, the manufacturers are already sure of its success. Although its price may be a huge deterrent for many, do consider that you will be getting two devices for the price of one and only need one data connection!